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Stiles Machinery Inc.Stiles Machinery Inc.
SALVADOR SuperPush 200 Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

The SALVADOR SuperPush 200 Optimizing Cross Cut Saw is the result of over 30 years of innovation and technological advances in woodworking by Salvador, a family owned company in Treviso, Italy specializing in the production of optimizing and crosscutting saws. This heavy-duty, simple-to-use machine is helping manufacturers worldwide achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. read more...

TigerStop, LLC.TigerStop, LLC.

AutoLoader, an automatic infeed station for the TigerSaw 1000, its fully automated cross-cutting saw system. With AutoLoader, an operator can load five pieces at a time, reducing manual material handling time and increasing operator capacity for performing value-added tasks, such as sorting finished parts. Cut parts can be inkjet- or label-printed on the TigerSaw 1000 facilitating fast, accurate and easy part ... read more...

AutoLoader for TigerSaw 2000

AutoLoader Automatic Infeed Station, an integration for the TigerSaw 2000 saw system has just been announced. With the AutoLoader, an operator can load five pieces of material at a time, reducing material handling and increasing operator capacity for performing value-added tasks, such as sorting finished parts. These parts can be inkjet or label-printed with custom information, facilitating fast and accurate ... read more...

Heavy Duty2 (HD2)

HeavyDuty 2, big brother to the TigerStop and TigerTurbo, offers higher maximum load capacity vs. other TigerStop products, 2100 lbs (952 Kg). When you’re processing material this heavy, setting and resetting manual stops can be a real pain. Even with the best operator, you will still get miscut parts requiring costly rework. HeavyDuty 2 can solve those problems by automating your stop.  Having an automated ... read more...

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SawGear ® is a simple and intuitive automated stop. No more using a tape measure or setting manual stops, which means you can produce more parts with increased accuracy. SawGear easily attaches to your existing saw, drill, and punch. SawGear® is a highly portable automated saw fence that removes the need to set and adjust manual fences for length positioning and complex miter/angle cutting. Using SawGear® ... read more...

SawGear Jobsite Tables

SawGear, the highly portable, automatic lineal cutting system made by TigerStop, has added jobsite tables to its product line. The new tables are available in 8', 12', and 16' working lengths. Users can add on in-feed tables made to customized lengths for added convenience. The tables support materials throughout their length to ensure accurate cuts. The design incorporates a hinge system and tripod supports, making the ... read more...


TigerRack is an automated stop for pushing, pulling or positioning of up to 720 pounds. Built metal tough for processing tube, bar stock and heavier materials. TigerRack offers precision, accuracy and speed for your industrial positioning applications. TigerRack’s precision rack and pinion drive system will keep your production humming.  Designed for processing tube, bar stock and heavier materials TigerRack ... read more...

TigerSaw 1000

The TigerSaw 1000 is a fully automated optimizing and defecting saw system. It is the perfect push feed system for cutting faster and more accurately than manual methods. It increases yield, accuracy, and productivity at the best value point in the industry. TigerSaw 1000 greatly increases throughput while achieving maximum yield, without the need to hire additional operators. It offers all of the features and ... read more...

TigerSaw Ferrous

TigerSaw Ferrous is a fully automated, heavy-duty, precision ferrous metal cut off saw and push feed system. TigerSaw Ferrous features a robust column saw with mitering capabilities from 60° left to 45° right and TigerStop’s highly regarded in-feed pusher system along with fully integrated and automated material handling options. The system is designed to cut tube, pipe and bar stock up to 42 FT in length all ... read more...


TigerStop® is an automated material pusher and stop that will turn your existing machine into a lean manufacturing asset. Take your operations to a whole new level with the product that started it all.  TigerStop’s flagship product with over 30,000 in the field. It’s easy to use interface and mechanical design make it suited to any application where you need speed, accuracy and precision. Push it, ... read more...


Any TigerStop can be enhanced with cutting edge touch screen control with TigerStop's TigerTouch™. TigerTouch can simplify any process by putting full control at your fingertips. TigerTouch is an innovative software solution for fully automated material processing. TigerTouch operates on an easy to use touch-screen tablet interface and works with any TigerStop system for accuracy on cut off, punching, boring, and a ... read more...


TigerTurbo, big brother to the TigerStop, offers higher speeds and increased load capacity in an automated positioning system. Just like a TigerStop, it is faster and more accurate than setting manual stops, but it adds higher speeds, the TigerTurbo can operate at up to 250 feet per minute with its steel reinforced belt. If pushing capacity is your game, TigerTurbo can push 350 lbs (158 Kg) without rollers or 840 lbs (381 ... read more...

Standard Products

Gerber Hinge Co.

Offers hinges in 3/8-in. inset and full overlay, in 3-, 4- and 6-in. sizes. Gerber also offers barrel hinges ranging in sizes from 8 to 59 in. All Gerber hinges are in stock and are produced in solid brass (also ... read more...

Silver Machine Inc.

This Silver Heavy-Duty Frame Saw can saw wood material into multiple pieces and also in various sizes. Other features include the auto oil circuit setting for lubricating the machine during use, variable feeding ... read more...

Metabo Corp.

The CS14-15, 14-in. chop saw from Metabo Corp. is suitable for cutting bar, pipe and section steel. The CS14-15 is standard with a pivoting wheel guard and a spindle lock for easy wheel changes. The saw is also ... read more...

Forrest Manufacturing Company

Features more carbide teeth with new angles that produce a quieter cut and better splinter control with less effort. Features more teeth with newly angled carbide points to create less cutting pressure. That makes ... read more...

Oliver Machinery Co.

Oliver Machinery's Oliver Model 4000 is designed to meet the demands of preripped material. It is a multiple microprocessor control machine that utilizes a unique down-cutting motion that gives a superior finish ... read more...

CTD Machines, Inc.

CTD PF200 CTD Machines, Inc. introduces the Model PF200 Automatic Cut-Off Saw System. This new machine uses CTD's Time Tested 200 Series cutoff saw in combination with a lineal positioner to push feed material ... read more...

CTD Machines, Inc. offers the model PF200 automatic cutoff saw system, which uses the company's 200 Series cutoff saw in combination with a lineal positioner to push feed material and automatically cut it to an ... read more...

J & G Machinery, Inc.

Whirlwind Model 212 Whirlwind offers the Model 212 semi-automatic cut-off saw. Left or right hand models are available. It includes magnetic motor controls in a dust proof enclosure, low voltage controls, a dust ... read more...

Cameron Automation

The Quick Chop is a complete and affordable push feed chop saw optimization system. With the push of a button the chop saw operator can select which cutting bill to use on the board. Unlike the slow 'paddle' ... read more...

Pistorius Machine Co., Inc.

Pistorius cutoff saws Pistorius offers modular single and double chop type cutoff saws from 12- to 20-in. sawblade capacity, offering a wide range of job matched accessories. They are available with optional ... read more...

The second generation of automated stop uses 12 color screen to provide a user-friendly interface between the saw operator and the new Position Management System. The software runs on an integrated PC allowing ... read more...

Pistorius Machine Co., introduces the chop type single cut-off saw. The modular building design and the wide range of available accessories allows one to custom design the machine to job match specific cutting ... read more...

Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc.

A fully automated optimazation cuttoff saw that increases your cut yield and throughput. A proven mechanical design combines knurled in-feed rolls with air-loaded, logic-controlled hold down rolls for precise ... read more...

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